The Parkinson's State and Territory organisations and Parkinson's Australia have developed information sheets on a wide range of important topics related to Parkinson's.  These information sheets are reviewed and updated as required.  Further information can also be obtained by calling the free Parkinson's info line on 1800 644 189.


These information sheets are designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient and their health care professionals.  It is important that you discuss any issues or concerns you have about your Parkinson's with the doctors, nurses and other health professionals who support and care for you. 

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The contents of these information sheets protected by copyright law and owned by Parkinson's Australia.   You may download, save and print copies of the information sheets for your own personal use, However, you are prohibited from modifying or re-using the text and graphics or distributing the information sheets to others without the written permission of Parkinson's Australia..

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