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Parkinson’s is the second most common neurological condition in Australia but remains one of the least understood in terms of its cause.

There is a lack of awareness in the health and general community of the challenges and needs of those suffering from this complex and disabling condition, as well as community stigma and constraints in the delivery of health and social support services. As a result, Australia needs to develop a greater, more positive public awareness and understanding of PD among the general community.

Since the 2007 Access Economics report ‘Living with Parkinson’s disease: Challenges and positive steps for the future’ was published, limited progress has been made in relation to the recommended ‘positive steps’. This updated report highlights that a growing number of Australians are living with PD, and that PD will continue to be associated with significant and growing health system, lost productivity and other.

To review the 2015 Deloitte Access Economics Living with Parkinson’s Disease Report click here. A one page summary can be found here

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