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The online education module previously available from Parkinson’s Australia called ‘General Practitioners’ Guide to Parkinson’s Disease’ (or for short GP Online) is currently under review.  This was a six-hour online course designed to help GP’s address the issues of most concern when confronted with a patient who may have Parkinson’s disease. It was designed to prepare GPs to enact their role to assess, diagnose, treat and manage the care of patients with this illness.  We are reviewing the course to not only provide the most up to date content but to also look for ways to make the course time efficient and effective. It will be re-launched as soon as possible.


If you have any queries or would like to be notified when it is relaunched, please email





The Australian College of Nursing (ACN) in association with Parkinson's WA have developed a Parkinson’s Care post graduate unit of study.  The subject is integrated within a graduate certificate of the ACN courses or can be enrolled as a stand-alone subject.  The subject will  help new Parkinson's nurses entering the field to have a good foundation to build on and for existing Parkinson's nurses to consolidate their knowledge.   The course is available for enrolment now, with intakes in July and January.

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